The Natural Alternative

We’re on a mission to transform skin and body care by making natural, sustainable alternatives to popular petroleum-based skincare and pain relief products. Untamed Tallow Balms are our answer to the mass-produced industrial products we have grown so reliant upon in our everyday lives.

Our products are made by humans, for humans, and that’s why we use only the finest authentic ingredients. We start with pure, simple, grass-fed, grass-finished tallow – not oil drilling byproducts or manufacturing lubricants – adding only wholesome, genuine ingredients that are time-tested and evidence-based.

We will never cut corners, value engineer our products, or sell out our vision for profit or any reason. We are part of a quiet movement, replacing the brands and corporations that have prioritized profit over our health.

The Petroleum Age has ended, and the Untamed Era has only just begun!

Based in Sarasota, Florida

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