• Antinociceptives

    Counterirritants like capsaicin, menthol, and camphor confuse pain receptors and create a hot and/or cold sensation. These sensations can interrupt and drown out pain signals, distracting the brain from perceiving them and causing an analgesic effect.

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  • Anti-Inflammatories

    Chemically similar to aspirin and sold in oral and topical forms, salicylates have a vasodilatory, anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Methyl Salicylate, one of the main ingredients of wintergreen and peppermint, gives these ingredients their anti-inflammatory properties.

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  • Circulatory Stimulants

    Circulatory stimulants like cinnamon and cajeput increase local blood flow when applied topically. Increased blood flow promotes healing and reduces inflammation by improving distribution of oxygen, removal of waste, and delivery of nutrients.

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  • Humectants

    Humectants are hygroscopic, meaning they attract water from humid air and from the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis, up into the epidermis, the top layer. This hydrates the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of cells, minimizing the appearance of dryness, flakiness, cracking. Humectants like honey encourage desquamation, or the shedding of dead cells, reducing buildup and improving cell turnover rates.

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  • Emollients

    Emollients soften, smooth, and repair the skin barrier by filling gaps between cells in the stratum corneum, replacing absent natural skin oils. This prevents impurities or buildup from filling the gaps, and keeps skin brighter and cleaner. The ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterols in emollients like tallow and jojoba oil restore skin's firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and softens even the roughest skin.

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  • Occlusives

    Non-Comedogenic Occlusives create a protective, moisture-trapping layer over the skin without blocking pores. Without occlusives, the hydrating work of humectants would be quickly lost to evaporation. In addition to reducing trans-epidermal water loss, occlusives balance skin pH and prevent foreign bacteria and irritants from entering the skin. These qualities make it particularly beneficial to those with skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis.

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  • Antioxidants

    Antioxidants neutralize unstable molecules known as free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress caused by accumulation of these free radicals can damage the cells and cause inflammation. Antioxidants work by reacting with these molecules before they can react with healthy cells, protecting them from damage. This helps reduce early signs of aging and enables the skin to repair itself more efficiently.

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